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Knowledge Services

The Forum’s Knowledge Services provide the tools to connect the philanthropy world. The Forum offers a number of back-end technology services to our members from listserves to individualized technology and communications consultations, but the core of our Knowledge Services is our integrated Drupal-Salesforce platform.

The Forum's Drupal-Salesforce Platform comprises a robust Drupal distribution for content management integrated with an industry-leading Salesforce customer relationship management sytems customized for philanthropy-serving organizations. A centralized Knowledgebase of quality materials for grantmakers is shared across all participating sites and member staff themselves provide a built-in support network through peer learning. Our modular approach to building the platform, making any combination of system components available, provides a significant cost reduction when compared to individual purchase.

We view our knowledge services offerings as a set of tools for transforming information and intellectual assets into enduring organizational value. While technology is a key component, the Forum places a strong emphasis on people and collaborative processes. By deploying cutting edge technologies, we aim to create peer-learning networks that will facilitate more effective grantmaking.

If you have any questions about the Drupal-Salesforce Platform, websites, association management tools, email or newsletter service providers, Webinar technology, or other internal technology infrastructure, please contact Val Rozansky.

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